nbc: open the pantry

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case study

NBC AsiaN america asked us to produce and shoot a series exploring Asian American food factories across the country.



We were asked to highlight the stories of how these businesses were started, their expansion over the years, and the people who kept them going.



  • We created a series showcasing homegrown stories about your favorite foods.

  • Shooting sites were across the country which took some tight planning.

  • 6 videos were shot and produced and are now being viewed on NBC.

  • The series has won multiple national awards.

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  • The companies were located across both coasts in the United States. In order to film the best content, we had to coordinate with the companies’ busy schedules and video crews to fly out to each company.

  • We had at most 1 day to shoot the content at each location



  • We reached out to prospective companies coordinated on dates to film.

  • Our producer scheduled shoot dates, booked flights and hotels, and conducted research on each company to create interview questions.

  • Each video was shot on location and included an interview and b-roll filming.




The series was released on NBC Asian America’s digital platforms and garnered hundreds of thousands of views.

iT WON THE NAMIC VISION AWARD FOR BEST LIFESTYLE SERIES IN APRIL 2019 and the Southern California Journalism Award for Best Feature under 5 minutes.