showcasing new tech

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case study

Showcasing new technology to solve workflow problems



We were brought on by Echo Media Group to produce a 100 second video proposal advertising a new parts kitting technology.



  • We translated a highly technical brief into a showcase video that would clearly explain the value of the product.

  • This was planned and produced on a tight turnaround.

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  • Tight turnaround: We had a month to conceptualize & write a script, create a storyboard, gather crew, shoot the video, and finish editing the video.

  • The subject of the video was highly technical and specialized, and the major challenge was translating that to a video that was easily understood by its target audience.



  • Through multiple meetings with Echo Media Group and the client, we created a storyboard that comprehensively showcased key aspects of the product.

  • We both sourced and managed voiceover talent through multiple revision stages.

  • We planned the shotlists that matched the script and filmed everything in a single day.




The proposal video was completed on time and was submitted alongside a larger proposal.